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This is the home page of the HyperLaw Web Site as it existed in 2002 - correcting only references to phone numbers and addresses.
The site and linked documents and pages are being retained for archival purposes and because there are many links to documents on this site.
HyperLaw established this site using manual coding in the Fall of 1995 prior to the existence of web editing programs such as Front Page and Dreamweaver.
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March 16, 2002 HyperLaw, Inc.

HyperLaw, Inc.
"Life is a long rope."

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HyperLaw, Inc.

HyperLaw, Inc. was formed in 1991 to engage in electronic publishing of legal information. It was the first company to release on CD-ROM opinions of the United States Supreme Court (1992) and the first to release on CD-ROM opinions of the United States Courts of Appeals (1993), and at affordable prices. Currently [in 1998], it publishes a CD-ROM with over 39,000 opinions from the Federal Appellate Courts from 1993 to date and from the US Supreme Court from 1991 to date. HyperLaw and its founder and President Alan D. Sugarman are also active in citation reform and opening public access to the law. HyperLaw believes that the law should be available to the public at prices not inflated by monopolistic practices and artificial barriers to information maintained by or acquiesced in by the courts and the other branches of government.